Myanmar Labor Law

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Myanmar Labor Law (as of June 2020)

Myanmar Minimum Wage and Labor Contract

The minimum wage daily amount is set at 4,800 Kyat, which is understood to be 144,000 Kyat on a monthly basis. In addition, if the number of employees is 5 or more, the labor contract must be registered with the Ministry of Labor.

(Working Hours)

According to the Labor Law, companies and factories separate the labor hours, and the working hours are defined as follows.

Working hours/days/holidays8 hours a day, 48 hours a week
Working day6 days a week
Break timeAt least 30 minutes after 5 hours of continuous work
Holiday settingsCan be set all day during the week (factory is set to be Sunday)
OvertimeAllowed up to 16 hours per week (12 hours at the factory) and pay twice the normal wage
Holiday workPay twice your regular wages and get an alternate vacation within two months


The following types of vacation are allowed:

Casual LeaveIt is possible to take 6 days a year for personal rest.
Earned Leave
(Paid leave)
If you work for 12 consecutive months, you can use 10 days of Earned leave based on the average annual wage.
Sick leaveBy working for more than 6 months and issuing a medical certificate from a doctor, you can use paid sick leave for less than 30 days a year.
Maternity leave6 weeks before childbirth, 8 weeks after childbirth

(Dismissal, Retirement)

The payment amount of severance for each work period is as follows.

6 months or more but less than 1 year0.5 month’s salary
(notice of dismissal one month in advance)
1 year or more but less than 2 year1 month’s salary
(notice of dismissal one month in advance)
2 year to less than 3 years1.5 month’s salary
(notice of dismissal one month in advance)
3 year to less than 4 years3 month’s salary
(notice of dismissal one month in advance)